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The International School Yangon (ISY) has rolling admissions. We receive more applications than we have space available. The school applies several criteria to ensure the selection process is systematic and beneficial to the applicant’s potential success. All applications are submitted through our online portal and all segments must be complete before the application can be reviewed by the school.

The online application continues to be available to international applicants throughout the school year.


I have reviewed ISY's admissions information and I am now ready to complete and submit an online application by clicking the link below:


School Year 2017-2018

Please note that ISY only accepts applications through the school's online portal.

Application Process

Admissions Guidelines

As per Board policy, ISY has a nationality cap in place. The limit, of any one nationality, ranges from 20% to 30% dependent upon the grade level. At present, our host country students’ population is at the threshold, and the school’s ability to enroll additional Myanmar students is limited.

When reviewing applications, the school will consider prior academic and behavior records, English proficiency, and any potential need for learning support in the context of three domains - cognitive, behavioral and affective.

When reviewing placement, the school will place applicants according to ISY’s age eligibility standards, the prior two or three years of school records, and assessment interviews and /or tests.

To be considered for eligibility, applicants must complete all segments of the ISY online application. An application requires the following:

  • copies of the applicant’s passport and visa page (if applicable and available)
  • complete school records for the past three years
  • most recent standardized assessment results (for grades 3-12)
  • immunization record
  • a graded writing sample (for grades 1-12)
  • any other relevant assessments and evaluations
  • application fee code (provided by the school upon payment of application fees)
  • Confidential Recommendation Form (CRF) – an ISY form to be completed and sent to ISY directly by the applicant’s current school

Parents must provide all documentation concerning any previous assessments, or any past history of learning disabilities, with their admissions application.

All applicants must be accompanied by a legal (court appointed, legally documented or by birth parent or guardian) parent or guardian to apply for admissions. Students not residing with an official guardian or parent will not be considered for admission.

To be admitted to the PreK program at ISY, an applicant must be four years old by October 31 of the school year. Each successive grade level uses the October 31 cut off (see: Age Appropriate Chart) to determine grade level. The school will not admit an applicant if s/he is over the age of twenty at the time of his or her graduation.

The ISY calendar begins in August and ends in June. Admitted applicants, transferring from a country whose school year follows a school calendar different from ISY, will generally be required to continue in the year they have completed. For example, an admitted applicant completing grade seven in Korea in January would be placed in grade seven for the remainder of the year at ISY.

Children who have had prior schooling are required to submit reports indicating grade placement and academic grades earned at the previous school(s). Applicants coming from schools where standardized tests were administered must provide copies of the recent years' tests. These norm-referenced tests include the International Schools Assessment (ISA) and the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) tests in areas of Reading, Language Usage, Math, and Science.

All transcripts and reports submitted with the application must be in English (or fully translated) and must reasonably describe the content of the courses studied, the grades earned, and the number of classroom hours represented by each credit (credits are in the case of high school admissions).

The International School Yangon requires at least one Confidential Recommendation Form (CRF) completed by the applicant’s most current teacher. In the case of a middle or high school applicant, the CRF must be completed by one of the applicant’s core teachers (i.e., math, social studies, English, or science). If the applicant does not have a current or former teacher/ school, (i.e., PreK or KG applicants), then the CRF is not required.

Click on the appropriate grade levels below for the CRF forms:

CRF for Grades Pre Kindergarten - Grade 1

CRF for Grades 2 - 5

CRF for Grades 6 - 12

A writing sample is required for those applying to grades one (1) through twelve (12). Applicants who are in Yangon must respond to a writing prompt administered at ISY (the writing assessment can be taken on the same day as an admissions test, if required). Applicants overseas must upload into the application form, a recent graded written assignment at the current grade level. Recent International Schools Assessment (ISA) scores can be used in lieu of a writing sample.

Health Records and Requirements

The applicant’s parents/legal guardians must complete the health section of the application and supply a record of immunizations. At the time of enrollment, parents/legal guardians must sign a statement giving the school the authority to send the student for appropriate medical assistance in the event of an emergency.

Board policy indicates that all children must have completed designated immunizations before enrollment for every school year. Basic childhood immunizations are not only recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC), but they also protect the entire ISY community from the spread of the most serious, but preventable diseases.

Mandatory Immunizations:

Diphtheria, Pertussis (Whooping Cough) and Tetanus (DPT) Triple Vaccine or DTAP or DT

OPV (Polio) or Injectable Form

Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR)

Hepatitis B

Varicella Vaccine: for Chicken Pox

Children entering ISY must be pre-trained to handle all toilet needs. An occasional accident can be expected of any child; however, children who regularly soil themselves cannot be enrolled in our program. Students at ISY must know how to manage toilet needs independently. Teachers and teaching assistants do not assist students in bathroom use.

Learning Support/ Special Needs

All admissions decisions are informed by and contingent upon a match between the student’s needs and the level of services provided by The International School Yangon. ISY does not have the personnel to provide for students with special needs who cannot be accommodated through differentiation in the classroom.

The International School Yangon believes that all students should be successful in its academic program. To that end, ISY provides some support to students with mild learning disabilities. The term “mild learning disabilities” is used to describe students with average or above average intelligence who display a discrepancy between what is regarded as the student’s potential and the level at which the student is currently functioning. Mild learning-disabled students must be able to participate in the regular academic program, with some assistance from the classroom teacher in the elementary or middle school. In certain instances, mild learning-disabled students may benefit from slightly modified approaches in the classroom, on a temporary basis.

Parents must provide all documentation concerning previous assessment and/ or any past history of learning disabilities, with their admissions application. Failure to disclose such information may result in a student being asked to withdraw. Should it be found that the Student Study Team, Counselor or Principal recommend that a student be evaluated for either intelligence or learning disabilities, the parents are obliged to have the evaluation completed in a timely manner, and to assume financial responsibility for the evaluation.

EAL Admissions

ISY provides English as an Additional Language (EAL) support in Kindergarten through grade eight (8). All prospective non-English speaking applicants will be evaluated for appropriate level of support, which is limited.


Application Step-by- Step

STEP 1: Review ISY website and admissions information. See visual of the application process/checklist.

To ensure a suitable match between the applicant and ISY, review all aspects of ISY’s philosophy and the admissions process. For additional information about ISY’s curriculum, extra-curricular, and co-curricular activities, please review all pages of the ISY website.

STEP 2: Prepare documents needed for completing the online application

You will need the following:

  • Scanned copy of applicant’s passport (photo page only)
  • Scanned copy of applicant’s Myanmar visa - if applicable, and if available at the time of applying
  • Scanned copy of a recent passport-sized photograph of applicant
  • Scanned copy of the applicant’s immunization record in English
  • Report cards or transcripts (translated into English if they are in another language) - for last three (3) school years. For PreK and KG applicants, records are only required if the applicant has attended a school prior to this application.
  • For applicants to grades 3-12 - scanned copy of a recent external assessment/ standardized test score. ISY will accept recent scores from various norm-referenced assessments including ERB, CTP, MAP, Wrap, SAT, CAT, STAR, SSAT, ISEE, PSAT, College Board’s SAT, ACT, NAPLAN, etc. Applicants who do not have any recent standardized test scores can take the SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test). The SSAT can be taken by registering here. Or they can opt to take an admissions test at ISY. In this case, please upload a request to take the admissions assessment at ISY. Results of the assessment taken at ISY are not available for the applicant’s review. The admissions assessments at ISY are administered on predetermined dates, and applicants must contact the Admissions Office in advance to schedule the appointment.
  • For applicants to grades 1-12 - a writing sample. Yangon residents must respond to a writing prompt administered at ISY. Overseas applicants must upload a recent graded written assignment at the current grade level, which was completed for Language Arts/ English. Recent International Schools Assessment (ISA) scores can be submitted in lieu of a writing sample.
  • Request current school to complete and send directly to ISY, the confidential recommendation form (CRF). The links to the confidential recommendation forms can be found on this page.
  • Any other relevant documentation - IEP, 504, etc.

STEP 3: Pay application fee of US$ 250 by cash or bank transfer. Include applicant details on the remittance advice and email a copy to ISY. Receive a fee code from ISY’s Business Office to add to the final page of the online application.

STEP 4: Complete the online application

STEP 5: Monitor application checklist to see if the application is complete. ISY will post any requests for missing documentation on the parent portal of the online application system.

STEP 6: Request an observation - for PreK and KG applicants

PreKindergarten and Kindergarten applicants require a half-day observation conducted at ISY. Observations are typically conducted in March or April of each year. Please contact the Admissions Office for details about the observations. A reminder that all PreK and KG applicants must be toilet trained to be considered for admission.

Please click this LINK to see a visual of this process.

Application Submission Outcomes

There are three possible outcomes after an application is reviewed:

  • Admittance
  • Waitpool - the applicant is eligible but there is no space available in the specific grade level. If and when space becomes available, an applicant is selected from the waitpool on the basis of “best fit” for that particular time and for the need of the school.
  • Not Eligible - It has been determined that ISY is not a good fit for the applicant. Various factors can play into this outcome, including but not limited to, academic history, behavior, admissions assessments, learning needs and/or level of English skills. Applicants who are Not Eligible, may re-apply the following school year.

Please note that applications that are incomplete will not be reviewed.

Link: Application Outcomes chart

Admissions Contact

20 Shwe Taungyar Street, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar

Phone: +95 1 512793 Ext. 159


Skype Contact: ISY Admissions

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