Campus Expansion

Building the Foundation for Our Future

ISY has seen significant increase in student numbers over the last few years, with resulting pressures on campus accommodation and facilities. Several plans have been provided in the past leading most recently to construction of the Sports, Arts and Science (SAS) building. Additional buildings and works are currently on hold pending further consultation and discussion.

As part of this process, Alan Higgs Architects (AHA) has been asked to explore options and look at how best to utilize the existing campus space. AHA’s brief was to guide ISY in exploring options, solicit community input into the different possibilities, and chart various plans going forward. Throughout this brief, AHA have been asked to ensure that the ISY community is engaged in the process, that the work is mission inspired and cost effective, and that all facilities empower student learning.

Following a series of structured consultation forums with the ISY community, they then undertook a physical consideration of the campus, its buildings, external spaces, traffic flows, presentation and identity. This has led to an initial appraisal document laying out plans for how our space could be better used and what the timing of such a plan might look like.

For reference this appraisal document can be downloaded here.

We are in a process of review and will update the ISY Community on further developments as they occur.