Our faculty inspires students with their own pursuance of our School mission.

I am enriched by the diverse community at ISY. Everyday, I teach students, and I learn more about the world. They share their ideas as well as their culture. It is a privilege and pleasure to work with such motivated students. The students will change the world for the better!

~ Karen Michelsen, Middle School Teacher and Counselor

The ISY faculty consists of an international community of 101 teachers and assistants. ISY employs 66 full time expat teachers, three part time teachers, 8 full time host national teachers, and 24 teaching assistants. The teaching faculty is comprised of 51% United States citizens, followed by 11% Myanmar nationals and includes representatives from Australia, The United Kingdom, Canada, China, France, India, Germany, Taiwan, South Africa, Singapore and Malaysia. Sixty-eight percent of the ISY faculty hold advanced degrees, and the average ISY teacher has 16 years of experience. On average, the teacher tenure at ISY is eight years, and the Myanmar host teachers serve an average of 22 years.

The dedicated and inspiring faculty at ISY is one of the school’s major strengths. Providing professional development, new facilities, and an open collegiate exchange of best practices and diverse experiences are key ways we invest in our teachers.

Examples of professional development include: routine collegial sessions, dedicated budgets, professional development support, and continued support with educational advanced degrees. We support our teaching with our new building project phases that include a state-of-the-art sports center, IT centers, science laboratories, music and art rooms, playing fields, a library, a Performing Arts Center, and new Learning HUB.

I love teaching at ISY due in large part to the phenomenal students I have the privilege of teaching.

~Michael Dvorak, Grade 3 Teacher