Welcome to ISY's Environment page. This page is dedicated to all the things ISY is doing to help the environment. Here you will find links to articles about what ISY is doing with the environment and below that our sustainability pledge.

ISY Sustainability Pledge

Human induced climate change and environmental degradation are the greatest existential threats facing life on our planet. As such, ISY is committed to reducing our negative environmental impacts as much as possible and in doing so strive to become a force of positive change.

We are committed to reducing the impact our events have on the environment. To become a truly sustainable community we need our communities help too.

International School Yangon Will Commit to:

  • Avoiding single use plastics
    • Alternatives include:
      • Paper plates, cups and bowls
      • Wooden utensils (chopsticks)
  • Re-using items as much as possible from event to event
  • Not to throw away what can be kept and reused
  • Work with vendors to avoid unnecessary packaging
  • Avoid use of “single use” non-recyclable signage
  • Not to over cater events with perishable food
  • Provide event resources digitally where possible and encourage our partners to do this as well
  • Carbon offset all flights we book in the production of our events
  • Work with venue providers to ensure trash is separated and recycled where possible
  • Continually seek out new ways to be efficient and sustainable and to update this pledge periodically
  • AC not to be set under 24 C
    • Requires proper cleaning and maintenance of ACs
    • Education and promotion

We encourage our community to:

  • Not take more food than they need
  • Not take collateral and gift items you don’t plan to keep and/or give away
  • Provide mechanisms for participants at our events to carbon offset their travel impact
  • Carpool when possible
  • Try buying local with minimal packaging when grocery shopping