ISY 2019 Community Service Award

Last year ISY adopted eight strategic objectives as well as a new mission, vision and tagline.  One of our strategic objective is to become a school and community where service is core to everything we do. Our new tagline: Global Learners. Lifelong Service highlights the importance that ISY places on our students becoming a force for positive change in the world. As part of this commitment to service, ISY has an annual Community Service Award. Each year we highlight one person from the ISY community who is actively engaged in fulfilling our collective goal of being a force for positive change.


The criteria for the award is:

  • a person who is  a direct member or related member of the ISY community (parent, past community member, alumni but not a current student),

  • a person who makes volunteerism and community service a way of life,

  • someone who can demonstrate, through their civic involvement, how the quality of life in their community has been enhanced and

  • a community member who can be held up to our students as an example of life-long service.

Nomination procedures

Any member of the ISY community may nominate a person to this award. All nominated candidates will be reviewed by the ISY Service Learning Committee with one nominee selected each year.

  • Community members wishing to nominate should complete the online nomination form.

  • The ISY Service Learning Committee would prefer that a nomination not be revealed to a candidate before its consideration by the Service Learning Committee.

  • The ISY Service Learning Committee, at its discretion, may carry forward nominations from the previous year. They may also decide not to select a recipient each year.

  • Nominations will be accepted until Monday, March 11, 2019.

  • The recipient will be formally acknowledged at the school’s annual Gala on Friday March 29th.