ISY Alumni Association

The Beginning of the Association

The past five years have been transformational for Myanmar—with a conscious step towards democratic reform and the opening of its doors to the international community, it is safe to say this is the time to be here. And for so many others, the International School of Yangon’s alumni have heard that call and responded. A steady flock of those who call ISY their alma mater have decided to return home to Yangon once again.

The alumni association hopes to reestablish the sense of community they shared while attending ISY. With growing numbers, the desire to connect with former schoolmates is felt by many. Moreover, the need to give back to the school is an integral part of our legacy as alumni.

We hope the ISY Alumni Association will grow and develop a long-standing tradition of connection, communication and support. With the formation of this body, we hope to serve as a link to propel ISY into the future while maintaining our sense of pride as "Once a Chinthe, Always as Chinthe".

Interested in joining the ISY Alumni Association?

Call to Action: Alumni ID Cards

If you want an ID card, please email the alumni association. We will personally pass or send out these Alumni ID cards as soon as they are ready.

Please provide the following information to

1.Full name

2.Passport Photo (digital copy)

3.Graduating Class (or would be). If you are a former staff member, the last year you worked at ISY.

4.Contact Information

The ISY Alumni Association Executive Committee is currently made up for the following positions. Until the first official elections, these officers will remain in the positions to ensure a smooth transition to the beginning of the Association.

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Interim Executive Committee

Executive Chair

Minn Htet Khine, Class of 2011

Upon completing his undergraduate degree from Duke in May 2015, Minn is now working at PMM partners in private equity.

Secretary Chair

Haanee Tyebally, Class of 2008

Upon her graduation from Clark University, Haanee spent a short time in Boston and Cambodia before returning to Yangon. She currently works towards increasing access to family planning and reproductive goods and services at DKT International.

Public Relations & Communications Chair

Wai Yee (Krystal) Khine, Class of 2006

Upon finishing her Master of Public Health degree from Columbia University, Krystal returned to Myanmar in mid-2014 to work for a multi-donor trust fund for health. She continues to contribute towards strengthening the Myanmar health care system through strategic financing and technical assistance.

Treasury & Fundraising Chair

Yiyi Maung, Class of 2011

Yiyi returned to Yangon in May of 2015 and currently works at Ryuji Group in both the finance and hospitality industry. He is excited to return, give back to the community and get the Alumni Association up and running.

Event Management Chair

Okkar Kyaw, Class of 2010

Since attending Grinnell College, Okkar has been back in Yangon working for M Jets, while also continuing to pursue his love for writing.

IT & Social Media Chair

Tobias Hallwood, Class of 2006

After spending two years in Niger as an international school teacher, Tobias has returned to ISY to educate future generations of his alma mater.