ISY Parent Association

The involvement of parents on the ISY campus plays a major role in the success of student learning, student self-esteem, teacher appreciation, and community building. There are many ways to share time and show support. A great way to become involved is by taking an active role in our Parent Association (ISYPA).

The ISYPA is a volunteer group open to all ISY parents. Our charter is to support a strong and welcoming school community and to make a positive impact on our children’s experience at ISY. The ISYPA is not a policymaking body.

Joining the ISYPA is a wonderful way to connect with other parents and help enhance the offerings and events we have during the school year.

The best way to connect is to come to one of the ISYPA monthly meetings during the school year. For general questions please email

News, Minutes & Updates

ISY PA Bylaws

(Adopted 30 May 2018)



ISY PA Quick Notes 2016-17

September 7, 2016

Please click here for meeting minutes.

September 21, 2016

Please click here for meeting notes and minutes.

October 12, 2016

The main topics included Halloween celebrations at ISY
Quick Notes:
We are celebrating Halloween on

October 31 . Both campuses will be celebrating. However, the PA has will only concentrate on the main campus.

  • Rooms will be decorated.
  • The parade will be in the afternoon.
  • Parents will bring in food
  • Volunteers are needed for the decoration, food and read aloud.

November 2, 2016

Quick Notes from the meeting:

-Sarah Pritchard introduced the Red Carpet Gala event that will take place on March 18, 2017. Sponsors are needed for this event. Please email Sarah at for information or to sponsor this event.

-The Elementary Counselor reminded parents about the Mindset Presentation taking place this week. A reminder email was sent to all community members.

-The Fun Fair was advertised and parents were encouraged to contribute by spreading the word of the event taking place on November 18, 2016.

-The budget was shared and ideas were shared regarding contributions that the ISY PA could make to the ISY students, teachers and parents. New ideas are encouraged at the next meeting.

-The ISY PA will provide lunch for the ES and ECIC teachers on November 10th.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 16, 2016 at 8:15 AM in the Cafeteria

November 16, 2016

Please click HERE for the minutes of the meeting.

December 2016

At the last ISY PA meeting, parents discussed International Day and their role in helping to make the day a success. This included
  • Review of the day's schedule
  • Sign ups for Country Booths
  • A call for parents to donate baskets for the raffle
  • Information on how the Cultural Show will be run
  • The need for parent volunteers to man the ISY PA raffle basket tables and to sell raffle tickets and Red Carpet Opening Gala tickets
Also discussed was the upcoming Red Carpet Opening Gala on Saturday, March 18.

Lastly, here is the list of the 22 confirmed Country Booths:

1 Australia
2 Azerbaijan
3 Belgium
4 Canada
5 China
6 Denmark&Sweden
7 France
8 Germany
9 India
10 Indonesia
11 Japan
12 Malaysia
13 Myanmar
14 Netherlands
15 Pakistan
16 Philippines
17 Singapore
18 South Korea
19 Thailand
20 Turkey
21 United States
22 Vietnam

January 2017

Please click HERE to see the minutes from the January 11, 2017 Meeting.

February 2017 International Day

Please click HERE for details about the PA International Day final plans.

March 2017

Points discussed:

1. ISYPA bank account:

A. the school is ok with us opening a separate bank account for the PA. We have decided to have 3 signatories, 2 from the parents side and one from school, U Aung who is the school accountant. Aye and Claire will be the parent signatories.

B. We will be opening a kyat account in AYA bank as the school already has an existing account in the bank. U Aung will help us here. Aye will be the parent lead.

3. Fund raising ideas:

A. The school had initially requested the PA to fund the tiling of the area adjacent to the new building. The amount was way too high for the PA to sponsor. Rebecca has a great idea. She suggested that we could run a campaign in school for families to sponsor tiles. "One family one tile". We could have a board somewhere in the new building to acknowledge these donor families.

B. Rebecca also suggested a movie night for parents and kids at a theatre nearby, like Junction Square. We need to figure out whether the theatre will allow exclusive screenings for ISY. Movie night will be accompanies by popcorn and juices.

C. Another suggestion was "Ice cream afternoons" where we can ask Sharkey's to sell their ice creams in our campus

D. ISYPA could sell hot dogs and drinks at saturday soccer or at the Mini league that is coming up soon.

E. Wine and Cheese event or a Wind tasting event: Sao suggested we could ask Apex gourmet to provide us with the wines which are not sold off the shelves in Yangon.

F. Another idea was to sell water guns at the Thingyan celebrations in school

Elena will be happy to assist us in doing a survey among parents through Survey Monkey, to figure out which of the above ideas would be an instant success. We will have to prepare a document with our ideas to her and she will get a survey done.

The core team has decided to meet next Wednesday 8am in school to finalize the fund raising ideas. We also need to discuss the upcoming events like teacher farewells etc and some finance issues.

So hope to see you all next week.