Introducing Global - ISY's Weekly Service Learning Update 

ISY would like to draw your attention to a relatively recent Service Learning initiative.  At its heart service learning is about identifying a need, learning about how that need can be addressed and then implementing action to address those needs.  A group of students has rightly identified the need to publicize the great work that is going on among the various Service Learning groups here at ISY.  That group has then researched the ways of achieving that goal and decided upon a website as the best tool.  Except for hosting the site, ISY's admin and /or teaching staff have done nothing to help the group build the site and provide the content.  All the technical work and content production has come entirely from the students involved.  I'm sure you'll agree that the end product is very impressive.

The group plan to provide a weekly article on an aspect of Service Learning happening at the school.

The website can be found here:

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