Dear Parents,

The ISY Board of Trustees hopes that you and your families have settled in nicely to the new school year.  We particularly welcome all the new families who have joined our Chinthe community. We hope that everyone is adjusting to new places, new faces and new routines, and feeling at home. As a Board, we look forward this year to the implementation of the new mission and vision statements adopted in May.  We hope you will find that ISY is truly becoming a community of compassionate global citizens where our students can develop into lifelong learners who will be a force for positive change in the world!

We also welcome two new members to the Board of Trustees, Harold Nordgaard and Andrea Austin, and thank outgoing members Han Thein Lwin, Frank Southfield and Matt Pietz for their dedicated service. Han served on the board for over three years, most recently  as a member of the Finance and Facilities committees. Frank and Matt each served on the board for two years completing their time on the Board as Vice Chair and Secretary, respectively. We deeply appreciate their many contributions.

As is our custom, the Board began the school year with a retreat held on campus September 7th and 8th.  Board members participated in a variety of governance, leadership training and goal-setting activities that strengthened our cohesion as a team and renewed our commitment to providing effective oversight for the school. One of our primary goals this year is to support ISY in the implementation of the eight thematic objectives of the Strategic Plan. We will also continue to pursue official registration of ISY with the Myanmar government, and we are excited to continue planning and development of a satellite campus in Naypyitaw.   

The first open meeting of the Board was held on September 8th. For those who could not attend, minutes will be available in the Governance section of the school website following their approval. Also available for review are the updated Governance Policies approved at this meeting. 

The 2018-2019 Board of Trustees is as follows:

Liz Shick (Board Chair)

Tracy Swift (Board Vice Chair and Facilities Committee Chair)

Andrew Kirkwood (Board Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair)

Andrea Austin (Board Secretary)

Alison Harley (Governance Committee Chair)

Harold Nordgaard (Audit Committee Chair)

Winnie Hofstetter (U.S. Ambassador’s Representative)

Sisu Otto (member)

Kyaw Moe Naing (member)


For more information on Board of Trustees activities and responsibilities, please visit the Governance section of the school website.

Warm regards,

ISY Board of Trustees